During a thunderstorm in the sky over the US observed a strange object in the clouds

According to the eyewitness, this unusual phenomenon was taken near the city of Huntsville in the US state of Alabama during a thunderstorm on June 1, 2018.

John Flanagan was driving his car when he saw powerful lightning flashes and decided to shoot them on video. At some point in the sky appears on the usual discharge of lightning, and an almost perfect luminous circle.

An unusual phenomenon caused a heated discussion during which some people looked at the video suggested that this circle is nothing more than a reflection on the car’s glass of a luminous logo on the steering wheel or a CD player, but the author of the video categorically denies that his car brand has a similar logo and reflection in the glass, he also denies and assures that what he shot, really happened in the sky above the city.

An interesting observation, but due to the fact that the survey was conducted at night in the rain and thunderstorms from the car, there will always be some doubt as to what the author was able to capture the video in fact …

But with a close look at this video, I still tend to the fact that an eyewitness tells the truth, because the video clearly shows that the luminous circle appears exactly in the sky. It is located visually much farther than the windshield of the car and therefore can not be a reflection of something glowing inside the interior.

In addition, if it is a reflection of something in the car, then it is logical if this reflection was on the glass constantly, but the object appears once during a flash of lightning. Therefore, we need to thank the author for the care and for this video in which he managed to capture something strange and mysterious …

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