During the cosmonaut in open space watched a group of UFOs

NASA has published a video in excellent quality, which depicted a cosmonaut from the ISS to open space for planned work outside International Space Station and if you look carefully at this video, you will notice a UFO watching the space job.

The first part is the original video, then I slowed the play and made the increase of objects. First, a group of very fast objects appear to the left and passes behind the astronaut on the right. Then, these same objects are returned and, flying from right to left. Moreover, you should pay attention to the trajectory of their flight, which excludes the possibility that it is some kind of space junk.

In space it is difficult to judge the size of objects, but judging by the fact that they are illuminated by light coming from the ISS, the distance to which they fly is not very large. When you watch this video in slow motion, you realize that the cosmos is not a lifeless space and there is full unknown life…

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