Fata morgana in Yeisk: a rare optical phenomenon struck the city’s residents

Residents of Yeisk were struck by a rare optical phenomenon, which they were able to see on Saturday, June 3. Fata morgana – so this phenomenon is called – is a distortion of images on and above the horizon. In this case, when looking from the embankment into the sea distance above the horizon one could see the dark silhouettes of two ships.

Fata morgana arises due to several alternating layers of air of varying density, formed in the lower layers of the atmosphere due to temperature differences. These layers are capable of mirroring and refracting rays, resulting in distorted images of objects beyond the horizon. These images partially overlap and change rapidly over time, creating a bizarre picture of a fata morgana.

The name of this phenomenon comes from a character in English legends, the sorceress Morgana. She was known for her magical powers, and her name became associated with miracles and magic.

However, optical illusions do not arise only because of weather conditions. Imperfections in the structure of the human eyeball can also lead to distorted images. In addition, the fata morgana may occur not only over the sea, but also over the ground, such as over mountains or deserts.

Residents of Yeisk were delighted by this rare phenomenon and actively shared their photos and videos on social networks. Fata morgana is another reminder of how amazing and mysterious our nature is.

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