From the shores of Ecuador, water receded

Residents of the city of Santa Rosa, in the canton of Salinas in the province of Santa Elena and the city of the Bahia de Karagues in Manabi, located on the Pacific coast of Ecuador, were scared when the sea unexpectedly receded more than 100 meters from the shore.

The fear of the inhabitants was due to the fact that similar phenomena occur just before the destructive tsunami, when the ocean’s waters leave the shore, and then return in the form of huge tsunami waves.

However, the Oceanographic Institute of the country excluded that it is a harbinger of a tsunami. In their statement, the scientists explained that this phenomenon is caused by the so-called syzygy tide. This is the tide during the new moon and full moon (syzygy), when the moon is at perigee and its tidal force is maximum, thanks to which the high tide rises and the low tide decreases and the tide becomes larger than usual.

From 2 to 5 January 2018, the maximum water level was reached, which also coincides with the perihelion (when the Earth is closer to the Sun). This coincidence, in addition to the oceanographic and atmospheric factors that contributed to the decline in sea level, has made the withdrawal of water from the coast these days in some sectors of the coast, which is an unusual phenomenon, “the statement said.

The scientists found the explanation, but it did not reassure local residents, because it looks tense and far-fetched in an effort to explain the inexplicable.

Similar anomalous outflows occurred last year and could not explain them either, but they just invented a similarity of explanations with general formulations.

In 2017, water mysteriously disappeared from the beaches in Brazil, the Bahamas, Uruguay, Mexico, not to mention the fact of the disappearance of entire lakes and rivers, for example the tributaries of the Mississippi, Lake Georgia, Lake Lake, which suddenly disappeared, and there were many failures, cracks and unexpectedly appearing circular holes in the earth around the world.

What is really happening and what does this threaten our world and all of us in the very near future is the most important question.

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