General of the Yugoslav Army told about meetings with UFOs

Several times in 1975, pilots of the Yugoslav Air Force saw a strange multicolored glowing ball, but every time they tried to catch up with him, he flew away quickly using his superiority in speed.

General Zvonimir Yudzhevich, former commander of the air force and air defense of Yugoslavia, told about these events. According to Yudzhevich, meetings with UFOs began in January 1975 and lasted several days. Every night, 50 minutes after takeoff, an unidentified object appeared in the sky.

“The object looked like a glowing ball, very clearly visible, maybe ten times lighter than a bright star at that moment.The color was constantly changing: white, yellow, light red, orange, again white, etc. He appeared out of nowhere, He attracted our attention to himself deliberately attention on purpose, “- said Yudzhevich.

Yudzhevich was not the only one who saw the object, many pilots of his regiment also reported this. However, the UFO never appeared on the radar.

Yurievich recalls that on January 25 he decided to personally understand what was happening and flew towards the UFO. However, as soon as he went to the object, the UFO sharply accelerated and disappeared. Soon after that, Yudzhevich developed a new plan to catch an unidentified object. He took off, accompanied by three aircraft, that would try to surround the object in the air.

That night, at the end of January, Yudzhevich and another plane took off without warning. The other two planes took off after a short time. Yudzhevich decided not to inform anyone about his plans and not to discuss it on the radio, just in case the object was some unknown device of the probable enemy.

“I just stabilized the flight somewhere over Cetinje, when suddenly the object appeared over Budva, and Lieutenant Machec saw him above Nixichem,” Yudzhevich recalls.

“I ordered Macchek to stay in place and walked parallel to the Adriatic coast, where I tried to establish how far the object was at: it turned out that it was about ten kilometers away,” says General Yudzhevich.

Yudzhevich flew directly to the object trying to approach, but the object also started moving and kept the distance from the Yudzhevich plane within 10 kilometers. The remaining three aircraft joined the pursuit of the UFO and two more MiG-21s were sent to the area of ​​action from Belgrade. All the pilots visually observed the object, which moved while holding the distance and did not let the fighters to itself more than 10 kilometers. Tracking stations on the ground reported that they did not see the object on the radar.

In the following days, the object continued to appear and even reflected several times on the radar, but attempts to pursue it were unsuccessful, since the UFO had flight characteristics far superior to the modern Soviet aircraft at the time.

Yudzhevich continued to report to the leadership of the country about what was happening and in response he heard ridicule in his competence, as the country’s air force can not catch some air offender. As a result, the general ordered to ignore the appearance of UFOs and not pay attention to it.

“People did not understand what was happening, the object appeared again and the squadron commander approached me and said that 100 people had gathered on the take-off field and were watching UFOs and that I should not pretend that nothing was happening. What was I supposed to do? The country’s leadership ordered to stop any attempts to investigate and prosecute this UFO, I was ordered to pretend that it does not exist at all. I approached people standing on the field and watching the UFO hanging in the sky and loudly said that I did not see anything, they looked at me like a madman, and I continued that I did not see anything, because I do not want to see anything And they should stop standing and look at UFOs, but must disperse and return to their official duties. People obeyed, and I stood and looked at the UFO, which suddenly flared brightly and quickly picked up the height, now forever. This last meeting with the UFO was on February 12, 1975. Nobody saw him again, “the general said.

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