Georgia is attacking the mythical monster Rake

For the second week in Georgia discuss chumyshskoe a Ghost so the locals call it). Kumasi is a village in Gardabani district (Kvemo Kartli region. Chumyshskoe the Ghost have already seen, local people say, and in the neighboring villages Code Borbalo, Asureti and Kobani. Locals say that this tall, thin creature with a painted face making funny noises… at First it knocks at the window to let him in the house, and if he did not reveal, begins to break the window. Catch it fails… It disappears…

For Kumasi go one or several men dressed in black. Frighten people at night are at home, Wake up people and to grimace in front of them, make funny noises and if you can’t enter the house, scratching doors and Windows… the people fear fainting, children lose sleep, is the message appeared in the social network in ten days after appearing in Kumasi strange creatures.

The author claims that the Ghost is already entered in one of the houses.

It also complain, and the inhabitants of the neighboring village… Supposedly, several of them, and they scattered… anyway the patrol, but to no avail (they are extremely quick, clever and cunning). I don’t know who I mention in this post, but you can tighten?! It works is so clever that I doubt that it was crazy. While not a victim, can you please Wake up?!!!, — the report says.

Journalist of the World Mikhail Robakidze and operator of hwich Samadashvili last week went to Kumasi to prepare the plot of the Ghost. Shop around on the entrance to the village, they met some young guys who insisted that a Ghost visits Kumasi every day. Before him, it appears, pursued by about 200 people, but to no avail… Being, as they say, on all fours ran across the road and disappeared in the direction of the lake.

Some say it is long-haired, others claim that his hair is thrown back, and the other was completely bald. Someone proves that it is rusty with a wrinkled face, there are those who consider that this is a former commando hired by the owner Kumykskogo lake to terrorize the residents, and then to take possession of lands belonging to them. Although, in this case, it is unclear why the creature visited a neighboring village, — said Robakidze.

The television crew after a conversation with the local population rose in the cemetery, which rises above the village.

We wanted to capture on camera that the village is empty, and the people fear not even light the light. At this time we noticed in the bushes for someone, but not know who it was, because when we called him, he was gone. He was wearing sports wear, height approximately 180 centimeters, traveled quickly, even in the bushes, — said the journalist.

According to him, it is believed that the Ghost is a paranormal creature rake, which, according to COMISAF, brought from the laboratory Lugar. The villagers found his resemblance to rake after watching online videos about Bigfoot.

According to Wikipedia, the rake Bigfoot, whose existence is not scientifically confirmed. It’s a cross between a Primate Neanderthal, a species whose evolution was interrupted. In 1957 at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR created a special Commission, whose purpose was the study of the rail. Scientists even sent in an expedition, but the results of their research secret, — said Robakidze.

According to the journalist, the local people are afraid of strange creatures and require police to install a night vision camera to capture the Ghost and then to detain him.

The villagers say that if the existence of ghosts is not supported by the video, it turns out, they’re crazy, and the police is normal. Law enforcement officers in the evenings, do one lap and come back. In addition, the police say that there is also no reason to detain this creature because it did not commit the crime — said Robakidze.

Is suspected of infringement on someone else’s property…

According to the press service of the interior Ministry, the law enforcement officials left a message on comicscom the Ghost and even sued – under article 160 of the Criminal code, which implies a violation of the inviolability of home or other property.

The investigation began on the basis of scratching in the house of a local resident Kumasi, and all messages are checked very carefully. In the case included the facts which people connect to this unidentified object. At this stage something substantial are not clear, — said the press service of the interior Ministry.

The situation is complicated by the fact that all the witnesses describe the Ghost in different ways, the interior Ministry said.

Received conflicting messages, and when there is something concrete, something difficult to do. A Ghost or something else, yet no one knows, no one caused physical damage, and the home is seriously injured, — said the press service.

Police on duty at night and declare that kumykskogo ghosts they have not yet noticed. And the locals are convinced that the police are afraid and try not to go outside.

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