Giant UFO refueling with solar energy

The obtained on Board the solar Observatory SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory), extremely puzzled observers. In the frame – a white object, from which the Sun reaches a thin trace. Whether the object takes off, leaving the loop, whether hovering our luminaries, sucking from it the plasma, or is going to get inside.


Observatory SOHO, which works in the space since 1996, has made this day a few consecutive shots depicting the Sun in its rotation around its axis. The UFO is seen only in a single shot. However, to conclude that the phenomenon was quite fleeting, impossible. It is not excluded that the stuck object just disappeared behind the sun, proviruses with him along with him.

The nature of the white object can still be explain rationally – it is possible that in the shot of the star. But train? Than it is formed? How?

SOHO Observatory joint project of the European and American space agencies. Neither ESA nor NASA could not yet commented on the anomaly. But there is hope.

At the time NASA made about a UFO spotted in photographs taken aboard the solar Observatory NASA SDO (using NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory). She follows the sun and regularly reports on the Ground of the image, illustrating the various processes taking place on it. Thanks to SDO we can observe almost in real time, for example, solar spots, flares, prominences, and other phenomena.

On one of the images it was evident that the Sun fell in a huge dark object the size – not less than our Earth. Handed a thick hose. And as if something is sucking out of our bodies.

It’s the alien ship that refuels the solar wind, according to ufologists.



In response to the excitement of NASA and gave clarifications. That happens very rarely. The Agency has rejected all three hypotheses.

As reported by astrophysicist, a specialist in the Sun from NASA Alex young (C. Alex Young, a solar astrophysicist at using NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre), in the shot of the flare. And dark it looks from the fact that colder their environment. In this condensed rose above the surface of the Sun cold substance which keeps a magnetic field.

And what looks like a dark disk is the end of the flare, which, actually, is a tunnel.

Young reports that the protuberances can take the most bizarre forms, to reach out to hundreds of thousands of kilometers, reaching a diameter of tens of thousands of miles away can break away from the surface of the Sun. The researcher acknowledges that the process of formation of prominences or other type are poorly understood.

And in the opinion of the Laboratory x-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute named Lebedev Sergey Bogachev, in the shot of the so-called coronal cavity. Or magnetic tornado vortex, which extends along the surface of the Sun and throws the stuff out.

In other words, scientists think that at least the aliens to the Sun sucks, the ship and the hose created by himself, is one and the same object – either prominence, or a magnetic tornado.


Whether to believe the assurances of the scientists not knowing for certain only hypotheses that could explain the anomalous phenomena occurring near our Sun? After all the unsubstantiated statements of the scientists are no different from the same unproven assumptions of the UFO, so the mystery of strange objects remains a mystery.

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