“Go earthly man and tell everyone that you are interfering with our planet and we will be forced to destroy you”

Leonid Ivanovich Glushko, who was 85 years old at the time of the interview, a distinguished person, a WWII veteran, was a history teacher, worked for 30 years as a school principal, and his testimony of contact with representatives of an extraterrestrial race is trustworthy.

Glushko retired, bought a small house in the Krasnodar Territory in Novokubank, where he led his wife a measured rural life. They kept goats and Leonid went to mow them with hay, in a vacant lot beyond the outskirts of the village.

Once, having gone after the hay, he saw a brightly shining object approaching from the west in the sky. Frightened and hid in the bushes squatting, watched the approach of a UFO.

The UFO landed right on that meadow where he was going to mow the grass, and suddenly a powerful hand grabbed him by the collar of his shirt from behind and lifted him into the air. An unknown man carried him holding the shiforot all the way to the ship.
Leonid saw three supporting “paws” on which stood an oval-round shiny aircraft. Then a door opened on board and a staircase tangled down.

Leonid was brought in to where he saw two more “people” sitting inside the apparatus. The third who dragged him there was also inside.

Leonid Ivanovich describes these “people” as incomprehensible – they look like people, they have arms and legs, are dressed in tight-fitting costumes similar to fish skin, only their faces are dark, very dark and incomprehensible. The human face, the man himself, has hands on his legs, but there are faces, dark-skinned, tanned, blackish and incomprehensible …

Leonid realized that he would be taken away now and asked the chief – what about my goats?

The chief replied displeasedly – nothing will happen to your goats!

Then Leonid Ivanovich felt that the device took off and they flew for a long time, only this was where he had not seen. The main one, who dragged him by the waif into the ship, talked a lot with him, explained something, got angry, but the old man only remembered the last words:

We landed, the door opened and the chief said, “Go on an earthly man and tell everyone that you are interfering with our planet and we will be forced to destroy your planet.”

Leonid went down, the main one slammed the door, a noise was heard, supporting “paws” pulled in and a shiny elongated oval ball soared into the air and quickly flew away.

Leonid Ivanovich says that when he got out of the ship down the stairs, there was a feeling that he did not understand not just where he was, but generally who he was. Apparently, he erased the memories of the flight details and what was happening there. The only thing he clearly remembered was the words of the chief who told them to him already when he was standing below on the ground by the ship.

Leonid Ivanovich took his bike, scythe and bag, which he took with him for grass and was barely able to get home. he was very ill, had to call an ambulance and he walked away from that meeting for a very long time.

For a month and a half he lay in bed and did not tell anyone all this time what caused his illness.

What did the ship look like, what size was it?

An oval or round, rather elongated oval, three support legs, shiny color, silver tint and inside, three strangers were sitting behind a round “wheel”, which apparently controlled the ship. On board the door, a ladder and a staircase opened and went down. The dimensions of the ship are approximately 5 or 6 meters in diameter. Later, Leonid went to the landing site and there were still visible prints from the supporting “paws”. Accordingly, the weight of the ship was significant.

What were your feelings, did your head hurt?

No, there was nothing like that, he was more worried about his goats, worried.

Why did you call an ambulance?

There was nothing, neither temperature, nor heart problems. According to the old man, he was simply worried and could not understand and believe what had happened. I was afraid to tell even my relatives that they would think that he was crazy. He told me much later, two months later. The only thing his wife drew attention to was that her husband had problems with memory, often began to forget something, but she attributed it to “old age.”

What language did they speak with him?

In Russian. It was not telepathy, they just talked like ordinary people. one of three spoke – the main one, the other two were silent all the time. All three were men.

How tall was the main one?

Strong, carried the old man by the scruff of the neck into the ship, like a kitten. The height of Leonid Ivanovich is 1 meter 70 centimeters, and the main one was one and a half times taller than him. A dark-skinned, almost black face, a large, muscular physique, he was dressed in a suit that fitted him like a fish skin.

Interpretation of the message of aliens

According to Leonid’s memoirs, he speaks this phrase with some discrepancies twice during the interview, and their main message changes from the essence of the phrases.

1. “Go earthly man and tell everyone that you are interfering with our planet and we will be forced to destroy your planet”

2. “Go earthly man and tell everyone that you are interfering with our planet and we will be forced to destroy you”

In the first phrase, the message of civilization from another planet, the inhabitants of the planet Earth in which there is a threat to destroy the Earth.

In the second, a completely different meaning is the message of non-aliens. and the real owners of the planet Earth in which they say that it’s not the planet that prevents them, but we are people, they interfere with their planet (Earth) and they will be forced to destroy people.

In a very small difference in words, this message is completely different. It is a pity that Leonid Ivanovich does not remember the fact that he was ordered to pass people word for word.

From a very small difference, the whole meaning of the message changes. Leonid Ivanovich said option 2 for the first time, and then at the end he changed it to “destroy the Earth” and I think he just in version 1 interpreted the words he said in a more familiar sense to him. He simply associated the concept of “you” with the concept of “Earth”, but only in our concept these words are inextricably linked “Earth-People”, because we are sure that we are its masters, but this may not be so ..

Apparently what was said to him the main thing from that ship was precisely this:

“Go earthly man and tell everyone that you are interfering with our planet and we will be forced to destroy you”

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