Google Translate contains “codes of the Apocalypse”?

Strange encoded messages about the End of the World can be found in the Google translator, if you enter the necessary combinations of words in certain languages.

For example, typing the word “dog” in Google Translate eight times with the settings in Hawaiian and translating it into English, you will find a strange message: “Do you want the dog to accept Jesus and be saved?”

But the word “dog” dialed 20 times, activates a much more alarming message.

“The Day of Judgment Day is three minutes in 12. We are experiencing dramatic events in the world that indicate that we are increasingly approaching the end and the return of Jesus,

By typing “Ag” several times in Google Translate, and then translating it from Somali into English, you will see bizarre references to the Bible.

“As a result, the total number of members of the tribe of the sons of Gershon was one hundred and fifty thousand,” the report said.

Another mysterious message reads: “Because the name of the Lord was written in Hebrew, it was written in the language of the Jewish people.”

Sean Kolbat, senior research fellow at BBN Technologies, said that Google can use Bible translations to teach software, which explains some of the strange prophetic messages.

Is it true or is it really the hidden codes of the “Apocalypse”?

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