Historical facts about meetings with travelers in time

History has preserved a lot of evidence that time travel is real and in the annals you can find a description of meetings with these travelers.

1 thousand years, China. Scroll. It says: Wen-Jing, accompanied by servants and maids, went to the mountains to search for medicinal herbs. There they met those mysterious people who reported that they were immortal celestials and invited Wen-Jin to visit him, he agreed, after which they all disappeared.

They were transferred from a castle of glass where the gods asked Wen-Jin about life. It took 2 days and he was told that it was time for him to return, only clarified that it was not 2 days, but 100 years. When Wen Jing woke up near his house, he saw only the ruins, and his children and grandchildren had long since died. After that he went mad and died.

In the ancient saga “The Voyage of Bran, the son of Fehbal,” describes how the protagonist of the saga meets mysterious celestials who invite him to his house in the heavenly city. He agrees and spends there one day, and when he comes back he discovers that hundreds of years have passed.

In the city of Leone in 840, a “heavenly ship” appeared in the sky, which descended to the main square and three people emerged from it, the clothes of which corresponded to that time. The heavenly ship had already flown by that time, and the crowd accepted the demons as they began to beat them. Those in turn assured that they were local residents and they were taken away to stay on that ship. But none of the residents recognized them and no one knew the names they called. “Demons” the crowd of the townspeople eventually scored to death.

In the Kazan annals there is an interesting story about the servant Yashka, who met a strange man in the forest in very unusual white clothes, who took him to his “heavenly ship”, then on the same day returned Yashka back by presenting “magic copper coins” for memory. True, it turned out that Yashka was absent for half a day, but several years.

“Celestial cities”, the brilliant iron wagons on which these mysterious “celestials” flew, seemed to correspond to the concept of the UFO phenomenon, but how to explain these jumps in time, when it seemed to a man that he had spent a day on these ships, and which had passed for a hundred years. It is logical to assume that this is possible when moving in time, and hence these “heavenly carts” could be nothing more than machines of time.

Or we recall the famous predictor of the “Great Sleeping” Edgar Cayce who lived in the 30s of the 20th century. He said more than once that he based his predictions about the future on what he saw himself, when certain beings took him with them and carried him to the future where he saw what he wrote later in his prophecies.

Here is how he himself described one of these flights: “We flew for a long time and I was sitting by the porthole and listening to my friends’ stories about the future.In the porthole I saw the ruined San Francisco, Los Angeles, Japan, Northern Europe over which flew an amazing ship of mine They told me that it all happened because of the movement of tectonic litas in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, which resulted in an unthinkable natural cataclysm that flooded almost all the countries of the planet, wiped almost everything from the face of the earth … except for Russia. in the beginning of the third millennium. ”

Or here is another interesting case about which in 1980, wrote all the world’s media. Not far from Paris was driving a certain Frank Fontaine, when suddenly he saw a glowing and cloud-like ball, which absorbed both him and the car. Everything lasted 5 minutes, and then the ball released him and he found himself on the same road, but … in a week!

There are cases of reverse timing. For example, in 1977, Chilean corporal Armando Valdez with a detachment of soldiers suddenly saw a UFO landed nearby. He went to him and disappeared. In 15 minutes he appeared lying unconscious on the grass. Having come to himself, he told that he was taken to his “aliens” from whom he spent 4 days. In fact, he was absent for 15 minutes, but during these minutes his beard grew, the hourly calendar did not show April 26 and April 30, and the clock itself lagged exactly 15 minutes. According to these hours it was found that it was not on the Earth 95 hours.

But the story told by two archaeologists conducting research in the jungle of Guatemala in 1992. One night they were awakened by an unusual noise and saw a glowing object drop from the sky. It was not far from their camp above the Indian village located next to the ancient Mayan temple.

Archaeologists José Sabitini and Augut Benavide went to this village. When they arrived there, the strange object had already disappeared, but was left on a large clearing in the jungle, the trees around were broken and burned. It was evident that the object had a round shape, and deep dents of one and a half meters remained around the edges. The dents were 3, perhaps it was the supports of this object when landing. In one of these dents, archaeologists found a small coin with the inscription “Tom Salivan, July 2172”.

And this is only a small part of the documented cases of time travel known to us …

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