In Argentina, can not find an explanation for the strange death of cows

Veterinarians can not explain the death of a herd of pregnant cows on one of the farms in the department of San Javier in the Argentine province of Santa Fe, the newspaper La Nación reported on 6 August.
“Cows do not have tongues and jaws,” says farmer Norberto Bieri. – (…) It seems that the cuts are made with a laser, there are no traces of a knife. Animals do not have blood, and no one eats those corpses, even scavengers. ” Flies also avoid mutilated bodies.

Bieri applied for an explanation to journalists and veterinarians, as well as the authorities, to report on the economic loss incurred by him. The journalists found out that similar incidents have occurred in different parts of the province of Santa Fe in the last few weeks.

Local residents talk about UFOs and a mysterious glow that crosses the fields at night, and also recall the Chupacabra, a creature sucking blood from livestock in the countries of South America. However, no solid evidence of its existence has yet been recorded.

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