In Australia, more than a hundred dolphins jumped ashore

More than 200 dolphin-grind threw ashore on Friday night in Hamelin Bay about 10 km from the city of Augusta in south-west Australia.

According to the latest data, not more than 15 of them remained alive. Now the coast gathers employees of environmental services and residents of surrounding communities. Dolphins are in shallow water, and people hope that with the advent of high water survivors grind will be able to move to the depth.

Jeremy Chick, a spokesman for the Western Australia Environmental Service: “We hope that live grinders will survive, we hope that the windy weather and possible rains will help when we try to bring them back to the ocean.”

On the shore, work has been carried out to harvest the carcasses of dead individuals. They will take tests to find out the reasons for their death.

The beaches in the vicinity are closed to visitors. Fishermen warned about the accumulation of a large number of sharks not far from the bay.

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