In Bashkortostan met “yeti”

About Mount Iremel found “yeti”. Tourists went home late at night. Suddenly on the road saw the entity which is running over on two legs. They did not believe that it is the person. According to them, to the next settlement there were at least 30 kilometers.

Whether the animal, whether the person appeared from nowhere directly in the middle of the wood. After climbing Mount Iremel tourists went home. In the district not a soul. According to the author of video, the next village in 30 kilometers. Therefore the entity which suddenly arose on the road outright frightened tourists.

To check who it was, men did not decide. Similar traces cross the road not once. The author of video – a pokhodnik. Vicinities of Iremel for it as the second house. The man claims, it was an entity, outwardly similar to the yeti.

Vadim Gilmanov: “It was visible that it was on two legs. Perhaps someone’s so evil joke. Well, though who so sharply in night can run out, in a solitude”.

Who it could be? If the person, what he did in the territory of a nature protection zone alone for kilometers from a civilization. This is definitely not the hunter, the management of the reserve is sure.

Farit Abdullin, the deputy head of Directorate across especially protected natural territories of the Republic of Bashkortostan: “Hunting is forbidden there. If there earlier hunters lived in an izba, then now it is not allowed. Only along noted marked routes there passes the group of tourists with guides, with conductors”.

Mount Iremel is since ancient times fanned by mystical stories. According to one of versions the bottom had monasteries of Old Believers earlier, ufologists claim that here often there is an UFO, and ethnographers collect legends on the ancient underground people living in vicinities – behave in a queer way. According to esotericists, the channel of escaping of the earth of positive energy is concentrated on the mountain.

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