In Belogorsk found the remains of strange creatures

Inhabitant Belogorska on the morning of 20 may he found near his garage the skeleton of a strange animal. The man took a picture of it, put in a jar and put it in the fridge at home.

“Today found near the garage this skeleton, no matter what is not similar, there are a lot of ribs and hoofs, any other comb. Small in size – about 10×15 inches. What could it be? What the monster…”, – says Andrey Verevkin.

Andrew also reported that his garage is in the garage array, and homes as an apartment or private, is not around, only the field. How could take the skeleton and who it belongs to, the man does not understand.

“This is a very interesting finding. If it is real, it is necessary to determine which animal belongs to. In Belogorsk there is a district veterinary station, where there are specialists who can undertake the necessary research,” she advised the staff of Rosprirodnadzor across the Amur region.

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