In Brazil, they found a landing place for UFOs

A team of researchers found the supposed landing site of an unidentified flying object in Peruíbe, near Sana’a-Paula in Brazil ..

This event occurred on the morning of October 7, but this was not reported, so as not to attract people to the scene of events that could destroy the traces of the landing. The official statement was issued on Thursday, October 19, 2017.

During the investigation, the local authorities decided to close the area that is at the back of the house on Rua 19, in Balneário São João Batista 3 for the public, that local people would not interfere with the work of researchers.

Residents living near the alleged landing site reported seeing a bright light in the area at dawn, after which they found traces on the ground.

Other residents reported that at the time of the alleged landing, the houses in the vicinity were left without electricity, while one couple reported that they saw a ray of light descending from the sky to this place, and at another time, the light approached their house .

On the landing site of the UFO, researchers discovered a patch of vegetation where the stems were not broken, but bent by an unknown force. At the moment, the research continues.

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