In Britain, a werewolf showed up

The inhabitants of the British Halla thinking about how to begin the hunt for the werewolf in the last time near an artificial canal in Beverly are increasingly seeing a huge hairy creature. Some even said that Yorkshire is a mythical beast of Old Stinky (Old Stinker).

One of the local residents said that saw a certain creature that ran on two legs, then on all fours. Another told how, walking with his dog, saw half man, half dog. A couple of “witnesses” saw the creature that ate the dog and jumped to her carcass over the fence.

Next full moon, local people would hunt with cameras to provide “evidence”. They even agreed to join the representative of the local authorities.

Rumors about the werewolf and fueled by the story of Robert and Nicole Ingram, who claim to have seen on the road the Panther escaped from the zoo. They provided as evidence of a blurred picture and to clarify, drew animal — except they got more of a werewolf than a Panther.

And “witnesses”, and folklorists immediately remembered the legend of the Old Skunk — a huge red-eyed werewolf with an unpleasant odor from the mouth. However, it turns out that this mythical creature expanded its habitat — according to legend, Stinky lived elsewhere.

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