In Bukovina killed a Chupacabra

In the Bukovinian village of Rukshin peasants killed by an unknown beast that killed dozens of chickens and rabbits. People say they only caught one of the smallest specimens, whereas in fact there are operating a pack of large-size Chupacabra.

Vasilina that night only came from the courtyard, as was forced to return. “Such cries hear the dogs crying, screaming chickens,” says Vasilina Hikowa.

In the yard, she caught an unknown animal. The beast fled, one jump overcame ten meters to the fence, jumped over it and jumped into a pigsty. The woman closed him there.

“So derosa on the walls round the pigs jumped up there, there fell” – said the villager. The cries for help ran neighbor Ivan. With a pitchfork. “We began to look, she hid behind the Board. I took the fork and pinned, and all”, – said Ivan Vladushka.

Victims of the beast were ten chickens. The body of the animal that killed them, threw away. Later he was taken to the vets. What unknown beast managed to kill the peasants are not reassured. After all, this predator is the smallest of all, which they caught in their backyards.

Repeat – amazing animals you see almost every day. The nearly hairless, have short front legs, long back and tail. Height with almost two feet tall. People had to see them, because they appear in the village not only at night but in the light. “There are still at least 5-6 pieces, as in different places, the village is 6 kilometers of length, each area can not one to do that,” convinced local.

The peasants I guess – a brood of unknown animals could settle in an abandoned yard. Have even seen fresh hole. However, all searches in what have not resulted. People show strange holes in foundations of buildings. Often behind even do not go.

Veterinarians carefully examined the corpse of the predator. They say it is not similar to any known species of them. “Unnaturally long teeth of the dog, almost 4 centimeters. And long neck, not like a dog and such, almost like a giraffe. Ears similar to the African Fox, huge, for cooling or thermal control, or to hear well.

Three times more than our foxes,” – said head of Chernivtsi regional laboratory of veterinary medicine Valery, Doerak. Veterinarians are ready to transfer the body to the research scientist. The village also decided to invite hunters to those surveyed forest near the village.

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