In Bulgaria for the first time in 60 years frozen Black sea

Abnormal cold in Bulgaria for the first time in 60 years froze the Black sea. The last time the sea in the Bulgarian resort of Burgas was covered by an ice crust in 1954. In the entire twentieth century, the ice used to this part of the black sea is only 3 times.

This winter icing of the Black sea in Bulgaria was unpleasant, but expected event. Surprising considering that the Balkan country is experiencing severe cold for the last century. In some areas the temperature dropped to -29 degrees Celsius.

Before frost could not resist and Varna lake. Pond pulled a thick, icy crust at a distance of 30 meters from the shore. This largest lake on the Bulgarian coast didn’t happen 5 years. The nearby town of Varna is also experiencing difficult times — the temperature dropped to -11 degrees Celsius. For comparison, the average January temperature is 3 degrees Celsius.

The current winter tests the strength of many European countries. Italy froze the famous waterfall and Roman fountains, Montenegro snowing, and in Belgium frozen to the rails of the train. The harsh winter is associated with global warming. The impact is felt not only in exhausting the heat waves, but in the rains, floods and even the strongest colds.