In California landed on an alien landing

November 19, 2016 resident of Brentwood, California from her bedroom window, located on the top floor of her house, saw a UFO. Oval object with bright orange moving in a straight path from the South-West to North-East.

The light seemed to the woman is very unusual, not like the flashing lights of aircraft. She went outside to see the unusual object, which by this time was already above the roof of a neighbor’s house at an altitude of about 600 meters. He moved slowly and noiselessly.

The woman rushed to the back door of the house and called for his daughter, they watched as the orange UFO continued to move North-East, and then turned East.

“Obviously someone was driving because he slowed down, changed direction, then stopped and hovered in the air, – said the witness in his statement on world UFO network (MUFON). – It lasted about a minute or slightly more. Then we noticed that a small orange ball rapidly went off the right side of a large object and spiraled down to earth.”

Shocked spectators watched as one after the other from the bottom of a large object flew another three balls that are in a straight trajectory went straight down. “When the third ball began to fall down, large object and the falling ball suddenly disappeared. They flew away and it just disappeared,” added local resident who applied to my post a sketch, which depicted everything I saw.

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