In China, caught a fish with a bird head

In the Chinese province of Guizhou located in the southwest of China near the city of Guiyang, local fishermen caught very strange fish.

The fish trunk, its scales and fin structure indicate that this fish is from the carp family, but its head looks more like a pigeon’s head than a carp’s head.

And outwardly this fish does not look sick and it is large enough, which means that it was quite well in the water and well fed. Nothing of the kind has happened before and it is not an ordinary anomaly in the development of fish, but it seems that it is the result of some genetic experiments.

But who is able to cross carp with a pigeon and the main reason why it was necessary for unknown experimenters. What is the fruit of the genetic engineering of aliens or is it the work of earthly scientists. But for what purpose was it done?

However, the similarity with the pigeon is only one of the similarities, just this association appears first, and also the head of this mutant is very similar to the head of a dolphin. It remains to be hoped that this strange fish will be given to scientists for careful study.

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