In China found an unusual stone

A traveler driving on a mountain road near a village in Hubei province, located in Central China, drew attention to the jutting out of the land of the strange stone.

The shape of the stone was so strange and unusual that the Chinese decided to buy this stone and get yourself. He paid the owner of land on which there was an unusual stone 14000 dollars.

The weight of the stone is about 6 tons, it reaches three feet in length and two meters in width. The height of the stone is more than five feet. The stone consists of two oval parts, separated by columns of various shapes.

At the bottom of the stone, are the ledges on which rests the whole stone structure and still have a small group of columns located at the top of the stone. The new owner of a mysterious stone named Xia, dug him up, drove to the place of detection of a crane and putting it into the car, drove him to his home.

Judging by the photos, the stone is made of basalt, says expert van Tincan. But what is its origin, an artificial object or a natural is not known. the new owner of the stone prefers not to advertise his discovery.

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Harem King

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