In England, a case of spontaneous combustion of a person

In September 2017, the authorities of London received an emergency message about a man caught in flames on public roads north of the British capital.

This incident, which took place on September 17 in broad daylight, became known only last Friday after the appeal of the authorities to citizens, in an attempt to clarify it.

Some eyewitnesses tried to help a person caught in a fire, but the flame was so strong that it could only be extinguished with the help of a fire brigade. The victim was taken to the hospital by a helicopter, where he received emergency assistance, but despite the efforts of doctors, he could not be saved.

The police have so far failed to establish the causes of the fire, so the investigation has not progressed since.

The victim of the accident was 70-year-old John Nolan, an Irish pensioner who worked in the construction sector. An autopsy showed that a person died of burns, but did not find the presence of any flammable substance on his body.

“Mr. Nolan was a respected member of the community,” and there is no indication that this person “was involved in any dubious business,” said Damian Eight-Amer, who heads the investigation.

He also added that none of the interviewed witnesses saw that before the tragedy someone was near the deceased or communicated with him.

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