In Florida, discovered an unknown creature

A resident of the American state of Florida, coming out onto the veranda, found something crawling on the wooden table and began to examine it, when suddenly it stirred – It’s alive !, – the scared American screamed and recorded what was happening on the video.

An unknown “insect” was discovered on June 23 of this year. The American himself says he has never seen anything like it in his entire life. People who watched the video, just could not identify this creature, which does not look like any of the known insects.

The creature has a head, mouth, eyes, and below it there are a lot of small legs similar to the paws of insects, and above it all towers a tall tower with some outgrowths.

The author of the video suggested that this alien creature collapsed into his yard with a flying saucer flying in the sky. Who knows, maybe so …

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