In Guatemala the river became blood-red

The Samala river is located in the Guatemalan district of Quetzaltenango has unexpectedly become blood-red color.

Residents discovered a terrible phenomenon, on 14 October morning. The river had the usual color, and the next day was similar to the current rivers of blood. The authorities have promised to investigate to establish the reasons why the river changed its color.

According to preliminary data the red river is not related to any chemical pollution as it is located far away from industrial facilities and no discharge of harmful substances it is not possible.

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Harem King

It could be that newly-developed methane fissures under the water are blowing iron oxide up into the river. What I find unfortunate is how all of the ponds dried up in Northern Florida due to acidic rain wearing down the ground below the ponds and thus the water receded to a deeper place, and now a great deal of nature is being sold to become a housing area, and in that nature there was gopher tortoises, coyotes, foxes, squirrels, brown rabbits, black racer snakes, legless lizards, deer, Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, skunk, armadillos, and Eastern indigo snakes, and those are just the ones that I’m aware of! I used to like to walk in that untamed wilderness where there was no signs of people being there in decades, and the wide trees stood over a hundred feet tall, and ancient animal skeletons could be found down in the muck of 50 foot deep dried up ponds.

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