In India, a girl weeps with bloody tears

In India, the husband called his wife a witch and abandoned her because of a rare disease that makes the girl cry bloody tears.

Gita from the city of Sahars in the eastern state of Bihar suffers from hematidrosis, because of which blood begins to flow from her eyes with nervous tension. 21-year-old girl admitted that this was the reason for separation from her husband, who did not want to live under the same roof with the “witch”. Gita’s father claims that the disease progresses every day, and the blood began to appear on other parts of the body.

Nevertheless, the local doctor noted that the girl has normal pressure and there are no problems with blood coagulability.

Hematidrosis is a very rare disease: no more than 30 of its observations have been published in the history of mankind. With it, sweat mixes with blood and seeps onto the skin in the form of a pink or red liquid with fear, severe psychological tension and progressive paralysis.

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