In Italy, filmed a UFO video that “turned off” the tornado

The approaching tornado was shot in July this year from the beach in Italy. Suddenly, a partially hidden UFO appeared, flying toward a tornado, and after approaching the funnel, the tornado was “dektirovirotsirovatsya”.

These stunning shots made one of the rest Alain Nikitenko. She reported that she had passed away in Italy on the beach near the city of Rimini. There were many tornadoes at the same time off the coast, and then something very strange happened.

What was that? UFO created these tornadoes? And were these exactly tornadoes or did we see water withdrawn from the ocean of UFOs hidden in the clouds?

There is another explanation. The UFO flew through the funnel or hooked its edge, thereby disrupting the flow of rising air and the funnel disappeared.

Moreover, the video clearly shows that this UFO has a disc shape with flashing lights on the edge of the disc.

The object uses the invisibility system and its outlines are blurred. It materializes only directly at the approach to the tornado’s funnel and immediately goes into full invisibility.

Many vacationers noticed that something strange happened, but did not understand what it was. Later, the author of the video, after reviewing the footage, realized that she had accidentally shot really very rare shots.

“I realized that a UFO can most often be seen in bad weather, like a tornado, a hurricane, and then through a lens. So you just can’t see it with your eyes, and then we saw it in the video,” wrote Alena Nikitenko.

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gabe fowler

tornadoes are scary with ufos

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