In New Zealand caught a terrible human being

A strange creature was caught in New Zealand in the Park Kulim Hi-Tech Park. It had a large mouth full of sharp teeth and a long fin on the back. The eye of the animal was completely absent, there was not even a hint of eye sockets.

Biologists, after a thorough investigation of a mysterious animal have come to the conclusion that the monster refers to a type of ostrogothic acne.

They live at the bottom of ponds deep in the sand, but occasionally float to the surface in search of food. Scientists have faced a similar instance in the US, when the workers cleared away the sand on one of the beaches and in the waters of Japan and the Mediterranean.

The length of these wildlife species can reach 2.5 meters. Muscular folds around the mouth allow these members of the family of eels to consume rather large prey. Sharp as a sword tail, eel digging holes in the sand bottom for shelter and, indeed, extremely rare.

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