In Oklahoma on the shore of the river found a dead whale

USA, Oklahoma, city of Muskogee city Park on the banks of the Arkansas river, January 23 found a huge carcass of a dead humpback whale.

A dead whale was discovered by workers of the Park and immediately reported the strange discovery to the police. The police examined the place where lay the kit and found no traces of vehicles. Therefore, the initial assumption that the body of a dead whale, someone drove up and threw it in Park, did not find evidence.

The police said that they don’t know how in the city Park, there was the dead body of the humpback whale hundreds of miles from their natural habitat.

To a scene there arrived a team of scientists who took tissue samples of the dead whale. They plan to analyze in order to understand, floated whether Keith himself on the river and if so, where it came from.

However, even the scientists themselves do not believe that a huge whale, weighing 25 tons, was able to sail on the river, and then thrown ashore. At the moment, the appearance of a dead whale in the city Park, as well as the reasons for his death remain a mystery.

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