In one of the most extensive sandy deserts there were lakes

Cyclone “Mecunu”, which came to the Arabian Peninsula, caused the appearance of lakes in Rub al-Khali – the largest on the peninsula and one of the largest sand deserts of the planet.

This is a rare phenomenon that has not been observed for the last 20 years, Al Arabiya TV channel reported on Wednesday.

In Arabic, Rub-al-Khali means “Empty Quarter” – the desert is in the territory of four states – Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and the UAE. It is also considered one of the driest and hottest deserts of the world.

Most of the precipitation fell on three districts – Al-Kharhir, Tablaten and Umm al-Melkh. Lovers of extreme tourism, visiting the region, post on the Internet pictures of lakes that formed after the rains.

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