In Poland, a two-headed mutant calf was born

A calf with two heads was born in the Polish village of Kovalevo-Pomorskie.

A local veterinarian Karolina Szarowska told about the newborn. She was summoned to help the cow in childbirth. As a result, the mother of the calf survived, despite the difficulties, and the two-headed baby was born alive.
“Two heads are better than one. And to help IT to be born alive was a real miracle “, – described the veterinarian experienced.

The owner of the cow said that this is the fourth birth of a cow and last time, calves with developmental defects were already born: the baby was born with internal organs outside.

The two-headed calf died shortly. Environmental activists insist that the increasing incidence of the birth of mutant animals is due to the fact that livestock consumes genetically modified food with a high content of pesticides.

In June it was reported that a lamb-mutant was born on an Australian farm with two bodies, eight legs and one head. The calf was born dead. The farmer photographed it and got rid of the body because of fear of getting infected.

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