In Russia, a young family asks to save them from a poltergeist

The couple turned to the journalists. According to Alsina and Ilfat, wherever they live, there are fires everywhere. Nizhnekamsk residents are sure that someone sent them spoilage and decided to share their history, in the hope that they will be able to find answers to the questions.

Alsina and Ilfat are newlyweds. They have a baby. Housing they take off. In appearance – an ordinary family, however, the Nizhnekamsk, as they themselves admit, is pursuing an evil fate. Wherever they live, there are fires everywhere.

– We already moved 3 times, and each time burned. And, once very much – there are almost no things left, – the couple say.

After the repair, Musin lived quietly for a while and burned again. Ilfat then woke up from the mewing of a cat and quickly ran out. Alsiny with the child was not at home. Neighbors called them eternal burners. From the hostel the family moved to a rented apartment, but there the “devilry” continued.

– Literally 2-3 days have passed, and my car has burned down – whether the wiring, or what. She stood on the street, did not bother anyone, – says Ilfat.
Now Musin rent the fourth apartment. And here the outlet will sparkle, then the switch will smoke.

– Although I myself am not an electrician, I understand this a little: there, in the socket, nothing at all, in the bathroom, the plastic caught fire. I checked with a multimeter – everything is good in this outlet, with the wires, too, everything is fine, – continues the head of the family.
The fire in the apartment occurs with a periodicity of 2-4 days. Sleep spouses in turn, constantly monitor the situation, because next to a small son.

Musyns are sure that someone cursed them or envied them. They went to the mosque, they turned to fortunetellers.

– We have a whole stack of prayers, read, read, and now the fourth day is calm …

Psychics believe that in such situations, people are often to blame themselves, but do not attach importance to this.

– Fires, in fact, occur, because it is a sign from above. Maybe they have scandals in their family, they do something wrong, – the psychic Ashta Berezovskaya is sure.

Perhaps it’s in the paranormal, if this, of course, believe. Or maybe it’s much more trivial – cheap rosettes that can not cope with the voltage, bad wiring or the usual coincidence.

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