In South Africa, the giant rat attacked the child

In Johannesburg a huge rat attacked a three-month old girl, killed her and partially ate. The child was left unattended at night, when his mother went to the party taking with him his son, but left one at home with my daughter.

Leaving the girl in bed the mother left, and when he returned and was horrified to find that there was a terrible tragedy. The authorities found out that the killer was a giant rat. Police arrested a woman for leaving the child unattended. The people of Johannesburg require severely punish the negligent mother.

The Gambian rat is one of the largest representatives of the myomorpha. It grows to 90 centimeters in length, including the tail, the tail takes up about half the body length. Weight of adult Gambian rats ranges from 1 to 1.4 kg. members of the species have poor eyesight, which kompensiruet an excellent sense of smell and remarkable hearing. Gambian homemovie (“marsupial”) rats are omnivorous, eating vegetables, fruits, termites, snails. Diet depends primarily on habitat.

Gambian homyakova (“marsupial”) rat has long grown and kept as a farm animal in Africa, and more recently the remarkable abilities of these animals are widely used for the detection of tuberculosis and search for landmines by the Belgian organization APOPO. Trained animals are called HeroRATS. Currently, Gambian rats get spread and as Pets.

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