In South Korea, a very fast cigar-like UFO was observed

Eyewitnesses to the emergence of ultra-fast UFO were residents of the South Korean city of Naju, which is located in the south-west of the country in the province of Cholla-Namdo.

Rather, the UFO was not seen by human eyes, but by cameras taking pictures of the city from a height. The UFO was so fast that the human eye was simply unable to catch such fast-moving unidentified flying objects.

This UFO was seen when watching the video and the researchers slowed down his work, that would consider a mysterious object. It turned out that this UFO has the shape of a cigar, and its color is white.

The incredible speed with which this aircraft moves, indicates that this is clearly not related to terrestrial technology, it is too fast for modern aircraft.

Interesting video, interesting object and interesting, what attracted an object of such a large size in South Korea?

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