In Thailand found the imperishable mummy with magical tattoos

In a cemetery in the province of Mukdahan is located on the border of Thailand and Laos, the workers carried out cleaning stumbled upon a crumbling tomb in which were visible the remains of a man. It is interesting that although the body is almost decomposed, but the skin remained intact, and the skin was covered with magical tattoos.

The body was just bones wrapped completely intact skin with magical inscriptions and symbols. The skin is almost not subjected to decomposition and workers were horrified, considering that it happened thanks to magic tattoos.




Tattoo magic made the skin of the deceased impervious to rot and perhaps this is the real proof that magic actually works. In addition, when I found out who was buried in that grave, learned that the man died from appendicitis, but rather due to the fact that he was not able to do the operation because he could not cut the skin with a scalpel, it wouldn’t budge.

Tattoo is recognized as tattoo magic used in some tribes, they are applied using the bamboo sticks. Tattoos contain inscriptions in Sanskrit, pictures of tigers and weird schemes.

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