In Thailand, water left the coast for 2 kilometers

An abnormal and strange event occurred in the Gulf of Thailand where, along a long stretch along the shoreline of the ocean’s water, unexpectedly moved away from the coast for more than 2 kilometers.

Local residents walk around the bare bottom gathering up the remaining mollusks and say that they have not seen anything like it yet.

And the most interesting is that even scientists can not explain what this intimidating natural phenomenon is connected with. Usually the water departs from the coast after strong earthquakes, the epicenter of which was located on the ocean floor, then the water returns in the form of a tsunami wave.

But there were no earthquakes in the Gulf of Thailand and generally that day and no tsunami happened. The water just left the shore, but why and where did such a huge amount of water go?

Oceanologists have suggested that this phenomenon is somehow connected with the formation of powerful hurricanes in the ocean, but there were no hurricanes at the time of the appearance of this anomaly in the ocean.

Something unusual, strange and frightening happens in the ocean …

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