In the Antarctic discovered “extraterrestrial object”

Ufologists are not asleep: in the area of ​​the South Pole, possible evidence of the visit of “space guests” to Earth has been found.

An unusual find was found using the service Google Earth. According to the owner of the Youtube-channel UFOmania, this is a strange object with a diameter of about 15 meters, to which a barely noticeable trail of braking leads.

The ufologist-conspiracologist is sure: guests from another planet were forced to make an emergency landing in Antarctica. In addition, 4 antennas were discerned on the “aircraft”, and next to it was an incomprehensible square-shaped structure (although there were no versions about what was inside, from ufologists it did not sound).

The video, where you can see the find, caused a wave of skeptical comments. “Fucking aliens generally can not fly so that the Earth does not crash … Too much for a developed civilization,” – says one of the users.

Many also note that the image is too low quality, and an unusual object can be anything, even a piece of ice of unusual shape, or an observant fast for earth’s own scientists. In response, supporters of conspiracy theories claim that NASA deliberately blurred images to hide the truth.

What is it really? With such permission to give a definite answer does not work. So you can consider this object a giant Antarctic turtle. Rest assured, biologists will tell us about it soon.

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