In the crater of an active volcano, sharks-mutants

American researchers conducted an expedition to study the hydrothermal activity of the Solomon Islands, while discovering in the crater of an active volcano several species of sharks. Previous scientific evidence has argued that environmental conditions in an active volcanic crater are not suitable for species such as sharks. It was a mistake of science.

The team, led by oceanographer Brennan Phillips, wanted to study the hydrothermal activity of the Kavachi underwater volcano. During a short break in their main activity, they placed several training tools near the crater. Surprisingly, the images showed that hammerhead, several other sharks and jellyfish adapt well to high temperatures and the acidity of water caused by eruptions.

National Geographic in its video on Youtube highlighted the abundant marine fauna found in the crater, noting that there is even a silk shark. Phillips wants to know how the underwater creatures behave during the volcanic eruption, and whether they feel the threat of an impending cataclysm when ash appears.

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