In the Gantsevichi appeared Chupacabra

Residents of the Gantsevichi are concerned about the massive devastation of the chicken coops and are trying to find out from whose “teeth” birds are dying. People find the bird strangled, and the score already goes to dozens.

Gantsevichi is a city, the administrative center of Gantsevichi district of the Brest region of Belarus.

In mid-March, one of the first cases was recorded. Nine chickens were strangled by the townspeople who lived on Gritsevets Street. And on April 2, a resident of the Meliorative Lane was injured – eight birds perished in the chicken coop. After that, on 6 April, a woman approached the militia, who also had smothered chickens, and some of them disappeared altogether. The incident occurred on the street of the Communist. A little more than a week passed, and another nine dead chickens were found in the economic building along Chapaeva Street, a similar incident occurred on the same street on April 24.

In May, smothered birds were found in the village of Yelno. Suffered and a resident of Lubashevo, whose chickens died on May 9.

The case of this ruin, which rolled through the cooperative “Vepr” occurred on the night of 10 to 11 May. There were strangled 176 heads of poultry. And this is only information about those victims who appealed to the police. Citizens who raise domestic animals in a mass of sheds near the factory of panel housing construction suffered considerable losses.

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