In the Nevada desert found the place of the collapse of UFO

A man from Battle Mountain, Nevada, was looking at satellite images looking for artifacts after reading an old UFO crash story in the Nevada desert and how he thinks he found the same place.

Stumbling on the alleged traces of the collapse of a UFO, he collected information about this place. There is some kind of farm there, but after learning more, he realized that it was not operating, but only a place to visit by tourists.

But why, then, is a power line connected to this fake ranch, and even three-phase? There is also visible drainage, but there is very little vegetation, despite the presence of a small artificial lake.

In a small building you can see the outlets of air ducts, which indicates a powerful air filtration system, but why for such a small building, such a powerful ventilation system?

It is likely that this is one example of hiding in plain sight. No security, checkpoints and so on. They are simply not needed, because any casual witness will think that this is just a small ranch in the desert.

On the surface of the earth a large equilateral triangle with a side of 1069 meters is visible.

Coordinates of the Triangle: 40 ° 20’41 “N 117 ° 20’48” W

It is known that about 60 years ago in this area, as claimed by eyewitnesses, an alien ship crashed. It happened on August 14, 1952 and 16 bodies of alien creatures were found at the crash site.

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