In the Rostov region of Russia caught a piranha

Unusual fish caught in the river Don. On the eve of the Rostov resident Valery Malakhov got a fish on the left bank of the Don and caught a black pack from the subfamily piranhive.

Traditionally, this fish lives in the rivers of South America and can reach a meter in length, and also weigh up to 40 kilograms.

– Caught on spinning. As a bait used balls of cereal and bread. I caught a few fish and left, – says Valery.

Already at home among the hybrids, the man found, as he thought at first, a bream. But, glancing into the fish’s mouth, Valery realized how much he was mistaken.

“My words are lost.” It was a toothy black pack from the piranha subfamily. With such teeth as this fish, you can click nuts, – says the Rostovite.

Now the “toothache” lies in the freezer with hybrids.

“My wife flatly refused to cook anything from this fish,” Valery said. – I do not exclude that someone released a black pack to the Don, or he just lives here. This fish could be assimilated under local conditions. They need warm fresh water. And in winter, the pack can fall into a hibernation. By the way, earlier one fisherman caught a black pack in Volgodonsk.

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