In the sky over Murmansk appeared UFO

Yesterday, residents of Murmansk in Russia witnessed an unidentified flying object. This event immediately caused heated discussions in the social network. Most supposed it was a meteorite. But some descriptions of eyewitnesses cause a lot of questions.

The object was seen in the sky at half past eight in the evening. UFO sought so quickly that none of the eyewitnesses had time to capture it in the picture or to shoot on video. It is reported that the object was in sight near the “Kola” road from Shabalin street in the capital of the Polar region, as well as in the village of Pushnoy, which is located near Murmansk.

However, eyewitnesses describe what they saw in different ways. According to one version – it was a bright glowing ball that crossed the sky and disappeared behind the horizon, according to another version – a ball that chaotically moved from side to side and even for a while just hung in the air.

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