In the Tambov region of Russia, 2,488 turkeys saw “reptiles”

At Tambov poultry farm, 2,848 turkeys were killed – from fear and subsequent hustle after the turkey infested with a “reptile” that was not reported.

The cause of death of 2,848 heads of insured animals in the Tambov region became asphyxia as a result of pulmonary edema due to a large pile of birds in one place on the ground of fright from the reptile that penetrated into the poultry housing.

JSC IC “RSHB-Insurance” paid “Tambov turkey” LLC 1.57 million rubles

Turkey’s total number of more than 660 000 birds was insured against the risks of illness, fire, poisoning, accident and natural disasters.

Based on the results of the examination of the documents provided by the insured, the case was recognized as an insurance event, and JSC Insurance Company “RSHB-Insurance” paid compensation in accordance with the terms of the contract.

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