In the Tula region (Russia) fireball flew into the house

The evening of 17 August, with the explosion of the ball lightning in the village of Nepryadva Volovsky district of Tula region suffered minor child.

“Around 20:00, in one of the houses on the street and exploded in a fireball. At the time of the incident in the apartment were the grandparents and their 10-year-old grandson.

During the child’s examination doctors diagnosed a minor light signs of concussion and hearing loss and shock. Hospitalization is not required,” – said a source in law enforcement bodies of the region.

According to available information, the child came from the capital on vacation to his grandmother. The parents of a minor have decided that Moscow will provide more than adequate medical care and, therefore, will soon take him to the capital.

In regional GU Ministry of emergency situations the incident is currently classified as fire.

“On a scene immediately I left the fire brigade IR-91. Upon arrival at the scene at 20:04, the fire was liquidated by the owners of the house. There were no injuries. The incident in the kitchen have melted wiring, burned the Wallpaper and ceiling in the area of 1 sq m”, – reports a press-service GU of EMERCOM of Russia in the Tula region.

For liquidation of consequences of the accident from the Russian emergencies Ministry were involved 2 people and 1 unit of equipment. The cause of the fire is established.

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