In the United States, cases of the appearance of animals “zombies”

Raccoons-raccoons appeared in the USA. Residents of the US state of Ohio are very frightened by such unusual behavior of these animals. According to eyewitnesses, raccoons behave like real zombies.

They walk on their hind legs bared their teeth, then fall to the ground and it seems that they died, but then they jump up, again stand on their hind legs and bared their teeth walking slowly without noticing anything around, then they fall again and it repeats again and again.

Robert Coggshall walked with his dogs in the field behind the house, when he suddenly saw a raccoon, eerie looking with bared teeth. Robert quickly led the dogs into the house and closed the front door. The raccoon on his hind legs approached the door and looked through the glass inside, bared and not blinking.

Then he fell and lay like dead, but suddenly jumped up and again went to the door. Robert says that the raccoon behaved like a zombie and it was a very eerie sight.

It is worth noting that strange behavior is observed not only in raccoons. Cases of inadequate behavior among large birds have been reported. Strange behavior of wild and domestic animals is noted in Atlanta.

In Connecticut, St. Petersburg, Florida, large hawks attacked people, diving at them from the top and hitting the head. Several otters attacked the dog that was in the yard of the house on chains and killed her.

In the area of ​​the Braden River in Florida, the otter attacked a 77-year-old woman when she was swimming near the shore. I clung to it with claws and did not let go for a long time, and she tried to get her face into the woman’s face, and then released her and swam away.

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