In the US, the TV presenter was suspected of being a reptilian

There is an opinion that our world is ruled by reptilians, a race of intelligent reptiles of extraterrestrial origin. The rulers of the world, famous actors, millionaires and representatives of the media – they all belong to this race, which rules our world.

They skillfully hide, taking the form of a person, but there is something that betrays their alien nature – their eyes. A reptilian can pull on a person’s mask, but his eyes are cold, characteristic of reptilian characters, always betray the true essence of the being.

Here and this time, indifferent citizens, watching the news release, drew attention to the eyes of the presenter, who only for a second, but changed and gave out its inhuman nature.

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but if it is the soul of this snake-like race …

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