In Turkey, a sheep lives with a mouth instead of an ear

According to the Turkish edition of Milliyet, a sheep with a real jaw in the auricle was found in Gaziantep province, Turkey. The owner of the animal, farmer Ali Duman, drew attention to this, when during a haircut accidentally damaged the ear of one of the sheep. “When I decided to consider the injury closer, I saw that it was actually a mouth. I started to shake, I never saw anything like it in my life, “he admits.

As you know, the increase in the number of teeth is not uncommon and this disease is called “polyiodontia”. There are even known cases in which 232 supercomplex teeth were removed from a person. However, here we are talking about a fully formed organ: despite the non-standard anatomical location, the mouth is not only equipped with fully developed teeth, but also equipped with salivary glands and can perform swallowing movements. Veterinarians note that the ear “mouth” is not connected with the rest of the digestive tract.

Veterinarian Isuf Ildyrym, who observed the animal, believes that the cause of the mutation could be an increased radiation background, as well as excessive use of fodder by the farmer with chemical additives.

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