Is Melvin Wilson a lucky person or a time traveler?

This man in the US was nicknamed “Mr. Lucky”, because he already won four times in a few years in the lottery and quickly became a millionaire.

The first time Melvin won 500 thousand dollars in 2004, then in 2005 he again wins 25 thousand dollars and in the same 2005 just a few months again he wins a million dollars. In 2013, Wilson again wins the lottery 500 thousand dollars.

Of course there is a theory of the probability of winnings in the lottery, but to win 2 million dollars in a short period of time is already more than just luck.

On the assurance of the lucky one, – “I just find myself in the right place at the right time.” Maybe in these words lies the truth about the incredible luck of Mr. Melvin and he’s just a time traveler who knows where and at what time to buy a lottery ticket to win.

Interestingly, Melvin’s biography is rather vague. Little was known about him until at the age of 65 he suddenly began to win huge sums. The last time he lit up in 2013, he broke 500,000 when he was already 72 years old, and then “Mr. lucky” just disappeared.

There are rumors. that having won a wealth, he retired somewhere to live out his days, or maybe he just returned from where he came from?

It is interesting that the facts about aliens from the future indicate that they travel in time and pursue completely different goals. There are travelers traveling through different historical periods to collect historical information for scientific and research purposes, and there are those. who uses the technology of movement in time for personal enrichment.

However, this is not surprising, because if in the future there was a similar technology, then in addition to its official use, there were certainly some who use it illegally.

By the way, a group of enthusiasts followed the “lucky” Wilson, they followed him wherever he went and once from the book he was holding in his hands fell a sheet of paper where a piece of text was written:

“… Be attentive, pay attention to everything important – stock quotes, the results of lottery drawing.” Moving to the past, first of all, provide yourself with a wealth that will give you independence if there are problems with returning back.

Remember that the money you won in the lottery can be claimed by another traveler in time. Solve these issues peacefully without conflict. Do not win too often, do not attract much attention to official bodies and the media. ”

Where did the “lucky Mr.”, who clearly violated the instructions he had given him to stay in the past disappeared and lit up. After all, his incredible success attracted the attention of the FBI, which even began its own investigation into Mr. Wilson. Maybe he got rich and fled back into the future?

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