ISS plunged into a red fog

A strange event occurred in space, when during a direct broadcast with the ISS appeared a massive red fog that completely enveloped the International Space Station.

A few days ago a strange phenomenon occurred in four countries – Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania, where strange orange snow fell, turning cities, fields and ski resorts into “apocalyptic” landscapes.

Meteorologists say that orange snow was probably the result of winds that brought sand from the Sahara desert. The explanation is standard, but can orange snow really be explained by this?

Several countries fall asleep with orange snow, and in space there is a red fog, maybe sand was brought there from the Sahara?

In 1950, Velikovsky published the book “Worlds in a Collision,” in which he claimed that a huge comet-planet passed and interacted with the earth in historical times. Velikovsky wrote about Nibiru.

He argued that the planet Earth at some point will collide with the tail of Nibiru, and one of the first visible signs of this collision will be the reddening of the earth’s surface from fine dust containing iron
 pigments, as well as massive clouds of charged, red, iron oxide dust.

This red dust swells around, creating red sand storms and is the cause of the blood-red strange sunsets and the red sky (orange / red glow) – even at night and the colored clouds that travel from horizon to horizon.

When viewed from Earth, Nibiru looks blood-red because of this attendant red dust cloud that is outside its atmosphere.

Is the “hypothetical” heavenly body of Nibiru really a cause of orange snow and a strange red fog in space?

In any case, all this is very strange …

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Duck Bill

Nibiru is coming

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