Kazakhstan has started an unusual invasion of ladybirds

Unusual invasion is going through Almaty. Several areas of the city captured… ladybugs! Spotted insects bunches hanging on the walls, circling in the air and “confused” have the townspeople under their feet. Reasons for RAID of the variegated beetles can be very different, but according to biologists, all of them are somehow connected with unusually warm for November weather.

This is a real RAID. Ladybugs, contrary to its peaceful name, comes from the ground and air for a few days. A few days captured several districts. Spotted beetles are not going to back down, and nothing can stop them. Except that…

– Ladybug, fly to the sky, there your children eat candy…

But, it seems, neither to children nor to chocolates pretty insects do not care. In Almaty they hold far more important things to do. Cases Pets. In the unusually warm November air in Almaty warms up to 20 degrees – the ladybugs are trying to cope with the effects of an unusually cold October.

World Aitzhanova, candidate of biological Sciences:

– Ladybugs in connection with a sharp cold did not have time to find shelter. Due to this sharply warming off due to this they are looking for a place to hide.

But it’s certainly not the only possible cause of the invasion of red and black. Due

early cold ladybugs could not manage to produce offspring, and just trying to catch up. But biologists agree: to be afraid of colorful insects, people should not. Ladybugs – almost God’s dandelions.

Tleuzhan Abishev, associate Professor of biology:

– People should not be afraid of ladybugs. These insects are generally not harmful. They are well studied.

Experts believe that the invasion of the ladybugs will come to naught soon, with the first cold snap. In winter, spotted insects will go under the bark of trees, fallen leaves or stones, so hard to sleep until spring.

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