Mango with a “human face” caused a stir in a Kenyan village

Residents of a Kenyan village gathered around a mango tree after discovering a fruit with a human face.

A very strange situation reportedly occurred in Kitui County late last week after someone noticed a strange phenomenon, and news of the unusual mango quickly spread through the village.

A huge crowd of residents rushed to the scene to look at the abnormal fruit and take pictures of the strange crop with their cell phones.

Footage of the incident subsequently hit the Internet and went viral on social media in Africa. Some observers speculated that the creepy face may have been the result of witchcraft, while others suggested that the face was carved into the fruit in the middle of the night by a clever joker.

Although it is difficult to judge from the video, it seems that the latter hypothesis is incorrect, since the “face” of the mango is a natural, though very strange, way of developing the fruit.

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